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Photo Gallery

Richie, J. D. Morrison, Tiffany and Quentin

Richie and Jill

Richie's Car (Side)

O'Toole's Truck

Hadley Speaks at Richie's Funeral

Jackson County Medial Examiner's Office

Richie's Grave

Jenn and Adam

KU Medical Center

Bill, J. D. Morrison and Lou

Jackson County Courthouse

Richie and J. D. Morrison

Richie's Car (Front)

Richie's Rainy Burial

The house where we lived when Richie died. Larry Dale found him in his bedroom (the front basement window at the left of the picture, obscured by the gas meter).

A picture snapped by Richie during the float trip he went on shortly before his death. Jen and Adam are on the right. Pirates of the Carribean, popular at the box office at the time, was the theme of their horsing around.

Jill obviously loves Coke as much as Richie did

Number 23 is still 'watching' over Jill even though her life has moved on (23 is the number I now associate with Richie since his death at 23 from a wreck on 23rd Street in the year twenty-three)

Two of Richie's loves -- Jill and Coca Cola

The 'Richard D. Patterson' BMW motorcycle that Larry Dale was strangely drawn to (and later bought) the day he was called to testify in court

Passantino's Sun Fresh grocery store where Richie worked and where he met Jen. It was Passantino's call that led to Larry Dale finding Richie.

Richie's younger brother, Quentin, and Uncle Larry Richard in their military attire (both Iraqi war veterans). Quentin was in Basic Training in Georgia when Richie died.

Richie and Olivia -- he called her "Livvers" -- during her only Christmas with him. He taught her to walk and she now has no memory of him. He had his wreck on her 1st birthday, the following September.

The house where Richie's lamp was delivered to the elderly couple.